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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Samsung discounts 512GB/1TB Galaxy S10/S10+ by $200-$300 in the US
October 08, 2019 by

Does the Galaxy Note 10 have too many limitations or is the Galaxy Note 10+ too big for you? Would you rather buy either the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10+? If the answer is yes and you live in the US, then Samsung has an excellent deal on both devices at the moment, at least on the 512GB Galaxy S10 and S10+ and the 1TB Galaxy S10+. The 512GB S10 and S10+ are both available at a $200 discount, bringing their prices down to $950 and $1050 respectively, while the 1TB Galaxy S10+ is discounted by a whopping $300 and can be yours for just $1300.
The deal applies whether you select the unlocked model or select the carrier of your choice, and color options aren’t limited, either. Well, okay, color options are limited since Samsung has always just sold the 512GB and 1TB variants in Ceramic White and Ceramic Black, but you get the gist. At these discounted prices, the 512GB Galaxy S10 and S10+ are only $50 higher than the base variant with 128GB of storage, making it a pretty solid proposition. The Galaxy S10e, unfortunately, is not included in the deal, but then the S10e isn’t exactly too costly anyway with its $750 price tag.
You can buy the Galaxy S10 or S10+ at Samsung’s US website.

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