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All Tecno Da Files For Frp Reset 100% Tested

This days most MTK device come along with secure boot and you cannot easily perform some actions like removing
Pattern Lock Etc on your device with tool like Miracle Box,CM2 or NCK being Box or Crack.
Using the normal MTK Da File (Download Agent) Shows and display different errors on these tools.
All you need is to download match Custom DA File of your device to enable you to perform some actions like removing FRP,SECURITY & PATTERN LOCK on your device

Da Files 100% Tested @ Our Workshop  Dorado Soft Touch GSM Clinic

Tecno Device

Tecno Camon CA6 DA File

Tecno Camon X CA7 DA File

Tecno Camon X Pro CA8 DA File

Tecno F2 DA File

Tecno F2 LTE DA File

Tecno La6 Pouvior 1 DA File

Tecno La7 Pouvior 2 DA File

Tecno Spark 2 Ka7 DA File

Tecno Spark 2 Ka70 DA File

Tecno Phantom 8

Tecno Pop 1 F3 DA File

Please If you have any difficulties using the above files kindly inform us using the comment box.
You can also request for any DA File using the comment box below or you call or chat us on whatsapp ASAP on +2348037277982

How To Use DA File To Remove FRP With NCK Andriod MTK Crack
First,all you need is to download Nck Andriod Mtk Tool from this link,Then download the secure boot of your device from the link above and extract it to a specific folder.After downloading then extract but make sure you off you antivirus.
Secondly,Open the folder after extraction,you will see Nck Mtk Dongle Loader and launch it.
Once launced,go to service tab and select your chip,navigate to settings tab and click on select custom loader,from there you select your downloaded Da File.
Now you have to navigate back to service and click on RESET FRP....Done

See How To Reset Frp (Pictures) V2.5.8.3

See How To Reset Frp (Pictures) V2.5.6.2 Crack


  1. Boss thanks for sharing,Kudos

  2. Sir,can I have the password of Tecno ca8 my mail [email protected]

    1. No need dropping your mail here,call/text or chat us on whatsapp for the file password +2348037277982

  3. Call/text or chat us on whatsapp for it +2348037277982

  4. Replies
    1. Not all is passworded,Call/Text Or chat us for the password +2348037277982 if you see passworded file

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  6. I need infinite x551 da file