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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Panasonic P91 Frp Lock Reset Done Without Any Box
May 08, 2018 by

Download This File
Password: Free
Open Sp Tool
Select ''DA_SWSEC P91.bin'' In Download Agent
Load scatter
Click on format tab and select manual format flash
In begin address(Hex) type=0x6a00000
In format length(Hex)=0x100000
Click on start and connect device

See Picture below

How To Reset Panasonic P91 Frp With NCK Andriod MTK Crack

First,all you need is to download Nck Andriod Mtk Tool from this link,Then download the secure boot of Panasonic P91 from the link above and extract it to a specific folder.After downloading then extract but make sure you off you antivirus.
Secondly,Open the folder after extraction,you will see Nck Mtk Dongle Loader and launch it.
Once launced,go to service tab and select your chip,navigate to settings tab and click on select custom loader,from there you select your downloaded Panasonic P91 Da File.
Now you have to navigate back to service and click on RESET FRP....Done

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  1. It work for me using The Da file and crack Nck,Thanks Man....Thumb up

    1. Good to hear that our guild and trick help you,thanks for your comment